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More delays August 28, 2007

Posted by freezertroll in Freezertroll's Files.

We’re almost ready. Got a few more tweaks… I sound like a broken record on that… and we have to get the classifieds figured out so that it’s more user friendly.  Other than that we’re ready.

The hold up is policy and procedures for updates. What is going when and by whom. That’s what is drawing us into the cement sludge pile that is progress.

Granted, this gives us time to sell some ads, get some paying customers on the site for the official launch, but until then, enjoy all that is nwtntoday.com

We had planned on launching this weekend, but decided that we’re waiting one more week. So we can get things “right.”

I hope we have it right. I’ve worked my tukas off getting the design elements in place like we want them, learning where everything is in the admin and getting things “pretty” for the public. I think we have done a great thing and it is pretty to look at. So check it out and join up so you can see all the stories and stuff.  We don’t want everything all willy nilly out there. And we have to track demographics don’t we?  It’s free to sign up and you get forum access (Tech Forum is there, with more to come) and read all the stories and see the videos and look at pretty pictures.

Please sign up, cause you know, You love us!




1. newscoma - August 28, 2007

You are doing such a great job on this.
Ummm, we need to talk tomorrow. 😉

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