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New site… New knowledge… New Everything July 13, 2007

Posted by freezertroll in Freezertroll's Files.

We’ve been watching for two days as the Bondware Artists hammer away at implementing our new website design.  Watching this thing progress has shown that as much as I know about website design, and the web, I have become aware that there is still much that I have to learn. There is much PHP and Javascript and Flash that is involved as there is HTML and CSS.

Getting everything to work together is a challenge that I’m willing to take on, but that means I have to learn more to keep things new and fresh on the site. I’m ready, but have to prioritize things so that I can take the time to learn. My goal is to pick up something new and try my best to become moderately efficient each month. I have the entire internet worth of resources to teach me what I need to know. Google is the greatest learning tool that is out there. You can run a search on “Photoshop Tutorials” and you can see those results for yourself.

This is fun and scary at the same time. But it’s a good scary.

I’m even more eager to get this thing going and I’m ready to motivate as well as educate all of the staff as to what is necessary to get this thing going and keep things going. Keeping the level of excitement up is probably going to be the biggest obstacle in a world full of old school newspaper people. This is going to be great if we can all put in the effort to make this the best news site in the area.  Take a look at these links and marvel at what we’ve done. Send us comments on what you like, what you don’t like and what we can do to improve.



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