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Another Week And More To Do June 23, 2007

Posted by newscoma in Newscoma Files.

We met with one of the publishers yesterday and I think we are on track. Freezertroll and I have a more definitive idea of what they want and what we should be honestly recommending.

Freezertroll is a whiz with this stuff. I tend to forget what my role is right now but he tells me I’m doing well and that I’m supposed to be pulling this together from a people perspective. He has a really good working knowledge of coding and development, where I’m concentrating on marketing the site, and quite frankly, selling this to our co-workers.

It’s new and different and we are really working toward doing something unique for the area that we live in but also being true to “news”. I think, for the first-time, we are seeing results and we have the backing of our publisher, who seems to be very excited about this as well. This is good.

One hard thing for me is trying to keep everyone positive, but I find when I start talking about it, I end up talking “geek”. (a new language to me, quite honestly. Although I have a blog and have been on the internet for years, it’s like learning a second language) We’ve both gotten some blank stares on our co-workers faces. I’m also trying to convince folks to be patient. This isn’t going to happen overnight.

I think that some folks don’t understand how detail-oriented that Freezertroll and I are having to be with this project. In the past, we’ve been working on this in our free time (which is very little) but now the publishers want us to make it a priority. We are juggling this but now that we can show folks we are on a path, it seems like it’s been easier. It’s harder to ask employees to be patient when they don’t know what you are doing, but now they can see they are part of a big picture. Most of the guys at my paper seem to really be excited about this.

There is so much to think about and to put into play. And for those of you who’ve been giving us suggestions, I want to personally thank you. Your advice and guidance has been more than helpful.

Next week, I’m going here to go to a few classes to smarten me up. Hopefully, I will see you there.



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