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First steps June 20, 2007

Posted by freezertroll in Freezertroll's Files.

One of the Menagerie of Guarddogs

This is the first thing we had to deal with today. The menagerie of guard dogs were not happy that I arrived before Newscoma. heh

The first step to a brave new website has been taken. We have sent our advisor a list of the colors we like and where we want to use them, and an idea of a basic look of the front page. We also sent along an outline list of what we want our navigation bar to look like and what it should contain.

Newscoma Doing her thing

This is Newscoma, doing her thing. Right now she’s laughing. But we worked together to get all of the initial info to Bondware.

Now we wait to see what they can do with what we’ve sent. Hopefully, in a day or so, we shall have something to look at and make a decision on what we like best from the spec pages they send to us.

This is more exciting now as we seem to be moving forward rather than stuck in the mud spinning wheels. Once we get something that we like, we can go through the process of tweaking and fine tuning the layout and bringing the best of West Tennessee to the people so they can praise us for all of our hard work and take us out to dinner or buy us drinks or create statues in our honor.

Yay for progress.



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