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Freelancers Tell Editors What They Need June 12, 2007

Posted by newscoma in Newscoma Files.

Good article that I found over at Mediabistro:

By far the biggest pet peeve among writers is unresponsive editors. We want replies to our pitches, even if they’re negative. Crafting pitches is time consuming, and a quick acknowledgment doesn’t necessarily mean deciding on the spot whether you’ll buy a piece. I work with one editor who will often say, “Run this idea by me again in a month.” She also says that I’m free to try to place it elsewhere (in fact, at times she’s so altruistic she’ll suggest a specific venue). Even though she may not bite, I’m grateful to know where I stand. Bill Becher, a Los Angeles-based photographer and writer, used to work as an editor and believes it’s doable to send a professional reply to everyone. “It’s a simple business courtesy to respond to all pitches, especially when they come by email” Becher says. “It takes only a few seconds to hit reply and type ‘no thanks.’ I suspect that a magazine’s IT department could write a macro that can do this with a keystroke — call it ‘one-click rejection slip.'”

It’s a good article and I suggest you give it a whirl. 



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