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The Business Of Blogging May 31, 2007

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This piece appeared originally at newscoma 

 As monkeys/clowns have been trying to steal my soul and have not allowed me to post as much as I would like recently, I really want to respond about the whole Steve Gill/Kleinheider/Gilbert brouhaha from yesterday. I’m not going to write about the political ramifications, others have done that, but the big picture as I see it.

See, I have an opinion as well.

Adam “Carter” Kleinheider is already posting the links to bloggers’ responses over at Volunteer Voters this morning.

And The City Paper picked up the story that reports new management is in the house at Channel 2. The timing is insane. Incidentally, in the report the writer talks bout the no comment policy from WKRN staff. This is not uncommon from any news organization, as we have that same policy at the newspaper I work at. There are policies we have to follow that come right straight from the top with the publishers. That’s just part of working for ‘the man.’

Now with that said, I’ve perused those blogs this morning reading both positive and negative reaction to the WKRN bloggers as well as Steve Gill.

And I think that this is interesting regarding the changing landscape on opinion pieces in media. Gill has received money from WKRN although I’m somewhat unclear in what capacity other than he’s being paid as a news analyst/pundit, and he had an opinion. I disagree with how he went about it, but he had the right to say it. As I’ve not heard what he said but some blogs said he called for their jobs. I did read his response on his website.

If he indeed did that, then let’s move to this.

Mr. Gill has the right to say what he wants although I don’t agree with the way he did it. But he forgot something very important. Brittney Gilbert and Adam have the right to say their piece too.

It’s up to us as listeners and readers to decipher what they said and ponder whether or not we agree with it. Some of what I’ve seen on the blogs has to do with the language used by Kleinheider in his written piece. But I’ve also seen personal opinion about the bloggers and Gill as people.

Editorial pages throughout history have utilized newspaper real estate spewing different opinions. The lines are fuzzier on the Internet. But, if we utilize the rules of traditional media, both sides have the right to say what they want to. And not everyone has to agree with it. Thus, that crazy thing called editorializing. In all honesty, I though Kleinheider’s words weren’t that frenzy creating but apparently Gill did.

And if we delve further into this abyss, the question is not everyone is going to say everything that you agree with.

Thus the world of opinion pieces.

Think about this. When Gill was on his radio show yesterday, he created a controversy. I suspect that he will continue this today. I could be wrong. And what happens, it drives traffic to all of the websites as well as creates a controversy which is not new in newsprint/mainstream media.

As Instapundit has picked it up, I expect everyone involved will have an Instalanche today for VV, Nit, Gill and Bob Krumm.

This just, for me at least, is an interesting situation to be following in the business of blogging. I figure that although this isn’t fun for anyone involved, it will blow over and everyone will be left better off from a business perspective.

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